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rograms, such as the Special Supplem▓ental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and▓ Children. "These babies a

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the website of The Washington Post ▓on January 1, 2015 said that among the young c▓hildren killed in

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2015). The Miami Herald website on March 10, 2015 reported that one in three

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girls and one in five boys would become a victim of child sexu

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▓al abuse in Florida before they turned 18▓. Such experience w



ould have serious negative▓ impact on their future lives. On ▓average, each victim of child se▓xual abuse would lose 250,000 U.S. dollars in ea▓rnings throughout his or her lifetime because of the abuse. Fifty percent of vic▓tims had below-average grades (, March 10, 2015).African-American childre▓n fell victim to police violen

ce. The CNN website on June 10, 2015 reported that a video went viral online showing violenc▓e by a white police officer of the Police Department in McKinney, Texas, against a 14-year-old Af▓rican-American girl. The officer, called to a comm▓unity swimming pool party after complaints, cursed at several black teenagers and yanked the girl wearing only a bikini t

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